Copper-67 from Iotron Medical in collaboration with CIIC
Copper-67 fromIotron Medical in collaboration with CIIC

Our copper-67 product

Batches of high-specific activity copper-67 are now being made on a bi-weekly basis in North America, with the following specification

Half-life                            61.83 hours

Decays to                          stable zinc-67

Significant emissions        Beta: 141keV (mean), Gamma 93,185keV

Form                                 Cu2+ solution in aqueous HCl solution

Concentration                   1-30 GBq/mL

Specific activity                 > 5 GBq/ug

Radionuclidic purity          >99.9%

Calibration date                end-of-processing

Expiry date                       240 hours post calibration

Availability                        Bi-weekly

Batch size                         1-15 GBq

Packaging                         1 mL or 5mL conical vial

Research grade                 Not for Human Use


           Certificate of analysis supplied on shipment

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