Copper-67 from Iotron Medical
Copper-67 fromIotron Medical

How do Iotron make copper-67?

The use of copper-67 radioisotope has been severely limited up to this point because it has traditionally been difficult to obtain, was often not very pure, and also very expensive.  Iotron are working with parners to commercialize a new production method based on enriched zinc-68 targets and a compact electron beam accelerator.

A patented sublimation process separates the copper-67 from the target which also facilities rapid and efficient target recycling.  The resulting copper-67 has high specific activity and low chemical and radiochemical impurity levels.

The three granted US patents are provided below (Europe and Japan patents also granted):

US Patent 8526561
Adobe Acrobat document [753.0 KB]
US Patent 9312037
Adobe Acrobat document [875.0 KB]
US Patent 10134497
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]

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